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New Account Onboarding

To onboard a new account, click below to enter your name and Account Signatory's name, email, and phone.




The digital onboarding process is self-guided and walks the account through all the required action-items: 

  1. The Account Signatory will receive a text & email from to complete the New Customer Form.

  2. The Account Primary Contact will receive a welcome email with links to the IVR Form and Order Form.


You will be CC'ed on all key steps and will be notified when all required action-items are complete.

Finally, the Account Billing Contact will receive instructions to setup billing: either auto-pay or invoice and pay via ACH.


Product Orders
& Support

🚩 Before ordering products, the account must submit the IVR Form confirm benefits approval:

Average IVR approval time is 2-3 business days. Medicare Advantage takes up to 14 business days.

After approval, click below to order.


The account will be billed 30 days after confirmation of order delivery.

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